Godwin's Garage Malta

About us

Godwin’s Garage has been established in Malta since 1997. In the last decade, the company fleet has grown up to over 400 vehicles.

The vehicles vary from size, tonnage and make.  Godwin’s Garage is well known for all kind of commercial vehicles and this includes the Large Film Industry.  Godwin’s Garage supplied most of the Movies filmed in Malta such as Dinotopia, Ska Swept Away, Helen of Troy, The Death of Klinghoffer, The Terrible Hours, Daniel Deronda, The Gladiator Hero, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Revelation, Fuga D’Amore, Gladiator, The Count of Monte Cristo, Julius Caesar, U-571,  World Strongest Man, Shell, Wind Ericcsons Mobile, Troy, She’s Gone, Munich, Da Vinci Code, The Romans Mysteries, Eichmann, Warriors Napoleon, Largo Winch, The Treasure of The Knights Templar III, Carabinieri, U900, Mist of Time, Vicky the Viking, Meter Film, The Golgatha, Father Castell, Commissario Rex, Moby Dick, The Devil’s Double, Kammerspiel, The Medium, Omicido su Misura, Wickie and the Treasure of The Gods, Game of Thrones, The Fisherman, The Body Guard, Buio, Gemelle, Souvenir, World War Z, Sinbad, Kon Tiki, and many more.

The Company has established contacts in the huge movie industry in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.  Companies such as the BBC and other Documentary Agencies ask Godwin’s Garage for any kind of vehicles when they are working in the Mediterranean Region. Infact Godwins Garage is in a position to supply all its filming facilities vehicles (including driver) to all European countries and North Africa.

If one would like to go overseas with one of our vehicles, Godwin’s Garage has clerical personnel employed ready to guide you what one has to do and which permits are needed. (Please note vehicles are rented for overseas only with Godwins Garage approved drivers)

One can also call in at our offices and ask for advice on any vehicle, which is the ideal transport method and which kind of equipment can be advised to use for any kind of work that one might have to under go.  This advice is free for all prior any booking of the vehicles.

The company has been through many changes with the latest project, even being one of the most challenging for most companies, Godwin’s Garage moved to new premises.